The Cause

This event was started by a group of community-minded river-lovers in Pagosa Springs who wanted to give back to their community by improving the river experience through education, recreation, and environmental awareness. Compelled by their passion and wit, this over time has manifested itself into the CRUISE-A-THONg; a ridiculously fun event, which provides funds to projects such as organized river clean-ups, construction of whitewater features, changing stations, and trail improvements, to name a few.

Now, as community members of Glenwood Springs, our cause is the same. We look forward to completing similar projects that enhance the river experience within this community.

2015-2016: We are excited to announce that the race proceeds are going to building two changing stations – one at Two Rivers Park and the other at the Glenwood Wave! From your bike bell ringing finger down to your flip flops… we love you!


2014: The race proceeds went to two bike racks placed near the restrooms in Veltus Park. Every time you lock up your bike in Veltus Park, the Cruise-a-Thong thanks you!

2013: The race proceeds went to Houses 4 Higher Education (H4HE) who partnered with Glenwood Springs High School to build outdoor furniture. The high school students created models for the furniture from cardboard and then created the actual pieces from concrete, wood, and other materials. These furniture pieces can be seen in Veltus Park, Two Rivers Park and at the Glenwood Wave. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!